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Points of Interest - Miantonomi Memorial Park

Miantonomi Memorial Park Tower - Hillside Ave., Newport, Rhode Island

The tower is generally open on Memorial Day weekend and Veteran's Day weekend.

Miantonomi Park Tower, Newport, RI     Miantonomi Park Tower, Newport, RI

The tower is 100 feet high, the flagpole on top of the tower is 30 feet high, the flag that flies there is 6' x 10'.
(The flag "rests" over the winter months and is raised in May)
For Flag Donation Information call 846-1398

Bottom floor interior, Miantonomi Park Tower, Newport, RI
Bottom floor, interior corridor showing iron gated designs.
Stairs from top platform down, Miantonomi Park Tower, Newport, RI
View down from the top landing of the cement stairs. There are 98 steps. From this top landing you climb an iron spiral staircase to the top viewing area. (shown below)
Window near top, Miantonomi Park Tower, Newport, RI
One of the many "windows" of the tower.
The iron, spiral staircase to top.

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