Santa Claus

Santa makes his annual pre-Christmas visit to Portsmouth! (2017)

Santa Claus will be visiting Portsmouth residents again this year, his sleigh being towed by tractor. He will be coming to all Portsmouth neighborhoods starting Friday, December 1st, 2017. Santa and his helpers will be touring each evening Monday - Saturday (weather permitting).

Santa will NOT be touring on Sundays.

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Santa Arrives at the Glen Manor House in 2000
Santa arrives at the Glen Manor house in 2000.
Santa's sleigh, 2001 - Portsmouth RI visits
Santa's Sleigh 2001- making his Portsmouth visit
.Santa visits in 2010 - Portsmouth RI
Santa visits in 2010
Santa visits in 2013 - Portsmouth RI
Santa visits in 2013

The schedule, as of  12/12, counting on good weather. Santa's Tour is also on Facebook. If you have an account you can view the page to see more photos and talk to Santa's helpers!

To see a map view of your neighborhood find your section number then click it in the schedule below.
Look at the section borders below to help narrow it down.

Friday, December 1st ---Sections 1N and 1S
Saturday, December 2nd ---Sections 2N and 2S
Monday, December 4th --- Sections 3N and 3S
Tuesday, December 5th --- Cancelled due to bad weather
Wednesday, December 6th --- Sections 4N and 4S
Thursday, December 7th --- Sections 5N and 5S
Friday, December 8th --- Sections 6N and 6S
Saturday, December 9th --- Cancelled due to bad weather
Monday, December 11th --- Sections 7N and 7S
Tuesday, December 12th --- Cancelled due to bad weather
Wednesday, December 13th --- Sections 8N and 8S

Section Borders:

1N - Common Fence Point, Borders = Anthony Rd to Mt. View Rd, Attleboro Av to Narragansett Blvd.
1S - Narragansett Bay to West Main Rd.; Portsmouth Abbey, Cory's Lane to Debra Dr.
2N - The Hummocks & Island Park, Borders = Rt 24 to Seaconnet Blvd., Cliff Ave to Boyds Lane
2S - West Main Rd. to East Main Rd; Hedly St. south to Locust Ave and Thurston Ave on the East.
3N - Borders = Pocasset & Botelho Heights; Terminal Rd to Anthony Rd., Narragansett Bay to Rt. 24
3S - Borders = Sakonnet River to East Main Rd, Plus Schoolhouse Lane, Martens Rd. area, Sherwood Drive to north of Vanderbilt Lane.
4N - Borders = Portsmouth Park area; Sakonnet River west to Rt. 24 or East Main Rd., Boyds Lane south to Sequoia Lane, or Child St.
4S - Borders = Sakonnet River to East Main Rd, Vanderbilt Lane south to Sandy Point Ave and Eastover Rd.
5N - Borders = East Main Rd. to Narragansett Bay; Mare Ter. south to Willow Lane area; Sprague Street south to Patriots Dr. (including all side streets off Patriots Drive)
5S - Borders = East Main Rd. to Union St. beyond the Green Valley Country Club. Madison Way South to Belmont Dr, Oakland Farms.
6N - Borders = Sakonnet River to East Main Rd, Child St, south to Prospect Lane.
6S - Borders = Middletown Line - Mitchell's Lane north to Sandy Point Ave.; Moitoza Lane east to Sakonnet River.
7N - Borders = East Main Rd to West Main Rd, Dexter St. to Hedly St.
7S - Borders = Middletown Line- to Bramans Lane, Greenvale Rd, south to Georgetown Apartments, east to the Sakonnet River.
8N - Borders = Sakonnet River to East Main Rd, Prospect Lane to Fairview Lane.
8S - Borders = Middletown Line to Raytheon; Narragansett Bay to Union St. west of the Green Valley Country Club.


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